November 23rd, 2020 - RESTON, Va. and VIENNA, Va.

Carillon's Credentialing Services Earns Trusted Status with SAFE Identity Bridge Certification Authority

SAFE Identity and Carillon Information Security Inc. today announced that Carillon has achieved cross-certification with the SAFE Identity Bridge Certification Authority (SIBCA), a cryptographic infrastructure that enables individuals, organizations and online services in the healthcare sector to trust each other's digital identities for high assurance electronic transactions.

Carillon, already a leading provider of trusted PKI identity credentials for the aerospace industry, will now have the ability to issue digital certificates that will be trusted throughout the SAFE ecosystem. This certification was achieved under the recently announced SAFE Certificate Policy, a set of technical specifications, interoperability criteria, compliance guidelines and liability rules that govern the SAFE Identity Trust Framework.

SAFE is an industry consortium and certification body focused on expanding and standardizing the use of PKI-based credentials employed for identity, confidentiality and data integrity in healthcare by enabling trust of digital credentials.

SIBCA provides the essential federated infrastructure that enables the recognition and trust of digital credentials issued by multiple identity providers and organizations. It establishes a balance across the federated SAFE ecosystem that ensures comparable levels of trust based on the underlying technology and governing requirements—a necessity for peer-to-peer interoperability and trust between its cross-certified members.

"In addition to their credential issuing services, PKI enablement tools and tangible knowledge of federated environments, Carillon brings its expertise in working with trusted and cross-certified certificates in aerospace to the SAFE Identity healthcare community," said Kyle Neuman, managing director of SAFE Identity. "I'm learning that there are a lot of similarities between aerospace and healthcare when it comes to the digital identity space. They are both heavily regulated industries, requiring security and assurance for not only people, but also devices. We welcome Carillon and their expertise to our Bridge and look forward to their contributions to our ecosystem."

"Individuals with credentials issued by our PKI services now can consistently and reliably use them across the SAFE ecosystem for trusted authentication, digital signatures and encryption," said Patrick Patterson, president of Carillon. "As a result, healthcare organizations can use Carillon credentials to more quickly, cost-effectively and compliantly collaborate with their customers, partners and suppliers both within and outside of their organization, just as our aerospace and defense customers do today. As well, with our experience deploying credentials into the challenging IoT space around aircraft, we're looking forward to working with healthcare equipment providers to bring increased security to medical devices."

The full list of SAFE Identity Certified Credential Providers is available at and Carillon at

ABOUT Carillon

Carillon provides a complete spectrum of identity management solutions that are designed to prevent identity theft, promote the migration from paper to electronic authentication, and avoid the loss of intellectual property. From consulting services, to validation software and managed identity services, Carillon provides the skill set and tools to help companies take control of their corporate digital credentials.

About SAFE Identity

SAFE Identity is an industry consortium and certification body supporting the advancement of digital identity and cryptography in healthcare by enabling trust of digital credentials. SAFE maintains an interoperable identity infrastructure used to facilitate and communicate trust to relying parties. SAFE reduces risk and assures the integrity of identities and data in virtual clinical trials, medical devices and trusted data exchange in healthcare supply chains.