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Trust Validator™

The simplest solution to dodge spear phishing attacks and malware infestations from you Outlook Inbox

With billions of business emails sent every day, identity impersonation is the latest tool to allow criminals to infiltrate corporate IT environments. Sophisticated hackers commonly deploy spear phishing attacks to convince users to click on links by claiming to be someone they trust. Although many spam emails are now filtered, spear phishing attacks are becoming more clever and personal. With signed emails, it is actually easier to impersonate the sender. This false sense of security is exactly what hackers are counting on to steal sensitive corporate information. Thus, the need to have tools to manage the sender’s identity becomes more crucial than ever.

Trust Validator™, is a solution that is developed by Carillon, in collaboration with Certipath, in order to give companies a way to help mitigate these types of attacks.

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Pathfinder® is a PKI certificate path discovery tool that resolves complex trust chain validation. It can be deployed on a variety of identity access points, such as network access, web portal access and many other instances where organizations would like to leverage their PKI credentials for identity verification and trust validation.

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Pathfinder® SCVP Server

Pathfinder® SCVP Server is a solution that’s capable of navigating complex trust paths found in cross-certified digital credential environments such as CertiPath and US Government Federal Bridge (FBPKI).

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LSAP Suite

Securing Electronically delivered Loadable Software Aircraft Parts is critical to ensure the integrity and source validation of software, documentation, and databases that is installed on aircraft. Carillon's proven solution offers a simple and flexible suite of tools to sign and validate ARINC 827 secure software crates. It is unique in allowing long life, self contained digital signatures that avoid the need for frequent re-signing of parts, and validation of off-aircraft certificate status. From signature at the original part producer, to validation in the software library, to validation on the aircraft, Carillon’s Pathfinder® LSAP Security Suite guarantees that the software parts are genuine and have not been tampered with in any way.

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Authorized release certificates (ARC) are now authorized to be signed electronically in XML format. The condition allowing this document to be digitally signed is that it must applied using a credential that meets or exceeds the requirements outlined in ATA Spec 42 for medium-software assurance level. E-ARC is an innovative web based solution that can plug into various document management systems or MRO platforms and save companies the trouble of managing and storing paper ARC originals.

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Certificate Discovery Service

Carillon’s CDS LDAP Proxy is the most secure, flexible, comprehensive LDAP proxy available. It ensures certificate validity and provides simple centralized configuration management, all while meeting the most stringent security requirements.

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  • Rapid Deployment

    Issue credentials in weeks, rather than the typical 18 months it takes an organization to attain cross-certification.

  • Compatibility & Interoperability

    CertiPath cross-certified certificates provide aerospace, defense and government potential compatibility and certificates that comply to necessary FIPS-201 standards.

  • Economical solutions

    Our Managed PKI services can allow you to save up to 80% compared to in-house solutions.