April 8th, 2013

Carillon Information Security Inc. completes Cross-Certification with the CertiPath PKI Bridge. Creating a stronger and safer identity management, physical access and digital communication working platform for years to come.

Carillon Information Security Inc. proudly announces that it has achieved Cross-Certification with the CertiPath PKI Bridge - By taking advantage of Carillon's fully cross-certified Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solution, customers can experience all of the benefits of having their own private label Certificate Authority, without the difficulties of engaging in the costly start-up and maintenance responsibilities involved in running an in-house PKI. This enables organizations to retain control over the management of their PIV-I credentials, without the added expense of hiring specially qualified staff to run and maintain the credentialing infrastructure that supports them. In addition, this solution allows companies, associations, state and local governments to issue other credential types as may be required in diverse operational environments.

The CertiPath Bridge is the central hub that provides a secure and reliable channel of communication between some of the main U.S. Aviation companies, International Governments and U.S. Federal Government Departments. For organizations that are obligated by the government to issue PIV-I employee identification smartcard credentials, Carillon offers quick, simple and cost-efficient solutions for the enrollment of new users and the management of their own credentials. The services provided by Carillon ensure adherence to the highest standards for identity management.

As the only company in the CertiPath cross-certification family whose main activities are managing PKI solutions, consulting on PKI implementations, and creating tools to make PKI use easier and simpler, Carillon is the leader in the field of cross-certified PKI implementation. With solutions ranging from PIV-I to ATA Spec42 compliant PKI, to simple and quick-to-deploy PIV-C / CIV, Carillon's highly experienced and proficient PKI team can help customers explore the benefits of PKI in its many flavors, and guide them through a successful and rapid PKI project deployment.

"With the increasing need for trusted digital identities expanding throughout many industries, Carillon's services will help provide customers with a simple, cost-effective way of generating PIV-I compliant certificates and credentials, and also ensure a foundation for a higher level of digital security and personnel ID verification to meet the challenges in years to come. In view of Carillon's consulting expertise and their extensive involvement and contributions within the Aerospace and PKI industries, we are honored to have them as part of the high trust community." - says Jeff Nigriny of CertiPath.

What to do next

If you're considering the implementation of a Managed Certificate Authority Service in order to issue credentials compatible with Federal Government PIV-I for your employees, your customers or for your business partners, or would like more details regarding Carillon's Managed PKI or other products and services, please call us at Tel.: 438-985-2633 or email:

More about PKI, PIV and PIV-I

About the Technology Behind PIV, PIV-I and the CertiPath PKI Bridge
PKI, the technology behind the functionality of the CertiPath Bridge and PIV-I cards, involves; hardware, software, and the strict policies and procedures needed to create and manage cryptography-protected certificates. These certificates can be used to identify individuals or devices for a multitude of tasks such as; secure document exchange, collaborative engineering, secure e-mail, digital signatures and transaction security between systems.

The Reason Behind PIV-I
In 2005, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) established the FIPS 201 standard in response to HSPD-12 which focused on improving identity verification for government employees and immediate contractors by using PIV smartcard credentials (Personal Identity Verification). This standard was fully implemented over a seven year period reaching nearly 100% issuance in late 2012. This proven method is now being adopted by individual States, critical infrastructure companies, and first responders, in the form of PIV-I credentials (Personal Identify Verification - Interoperable). PIV-I provides improved security and compatibility with U.S. Government's identity verification


Carillon Information Security Inc. is a consulting services firm specialized in identity and access management, and more specifically in solutions based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Federated Identity tools. Our main customers are major entities in the aerospace and civil air transport industries, service providers to large government agencies, and public utilities. Our participation has ranged from observation and advising, to full-fledged architectural design and implementation; we have also provided policy conception and writing, training and standards compliance assistance to most of our customers. Carillon strives to help its clients reduce costs and streamline their security and authentication processes by providing digital certificates, Managed PKI solutions, and tools to help with the use of PKI, which conform to industry standards such as those of the ATA Digital Security Working Group (DSWG) and the National Institute of Standards and Technologies' FIPS-201.


CertiPath is the trusted authority for interoperable identities for collaboration in the aerospace and defense industry. Advancing the use of PKI-based high assurance credentials for both physical and logical access control, CertiPath tears down the burdensome and costly company, employee and program-centric approaches to identity assurance.

CertiPath is trusted by more than four million public and private sector users and leverages a turnkey approach that delivers robust, cost-effective and proven physical and logical asset protection. Today, organizations in the U.S., U.K. and Europe including Boeing, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, the Netherlands Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Federal Bridge (FBCA) are members of this fast-growing community. For information regarding CertiPath, visit

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