September 12th, 2016 - Vienna, Virginia - Alexandria, Virginia

Federal Customers Have a New, State-Of-The-Art Option To Secure And Validate HSPD-12 Identity Credentials For Physical And Logical Access.

Carillon Information Security® and Technology Industries are pleased to announce the availability of a fully FIPS-201 compliant IAM (Identity and Access Management) platform leveraging Carillon's Pathfinder® SCVP solution. SCVP (Server Based Certificate Verification Protocol) is an Internet standard protocol that allows agencies to centrally validate federal credentials, which is an essential security component of HSPD-12.

Pathfinder® SCVP services provides a scalable approach to manage the complexities of proper PD-Val (Path Discovery and Validation), especially when interoperating with large communities such as the U.S. Federal Bridge PKI. When combined with Technology Industries' proven EntryPoint access management platform, customers have a simple, inexpensive and PACS- agnostic solution for logical and physical applications.

This innovative approach solves the Federal agencies requirements to do PIV, CAC, PIV-I, CIV PD-Val in conformity with HSPD-12 without the need to rip and replace Physical Access and Control Systems (PACS) that are already deployed. Carillon's Pathfinder® SCVP solution is designed for high performance and is capable of returning an SCVP PKI validation response in less than 100 milliseconds.

"When we set out to build Pathfinder® SCVP, our goal was to provide a solution that was extremely fast while being simple to install and maintain", says Patrick Patterson, President of Carillon Information Security inc., "we realized that if a cardholder had to wait more than a second at the door for their credentials to validate our clients would end up with bad morning rush hours leading to bad user experience".

As for Technology Industries, "we saw a real opportunity to solve a big challenge for U.S. Federal Agencies- an ability to make a highly performant, real-time access decision based on thorough credential validation without having to replace their existing PACS infrastructure." says Eric Hildre from Technology Industries.

ABOUT Technology Industries

Technology Industries is the maker of EntryPoint. EntryPoint is the premier Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution for customers deploying smart card based identity credentials. With solutions deployed world-wide since 2006, Technology Industries is a leader in strong, multi-factor authentication access to buildings and networks.

Technology Industries contact:

Eric Hildre
Managing Partner
Technology Industries

ABOUT Carillon

Carillon is a full service identity and access management firm providing solutions based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Federated Identity tools. It is unique in the industry in combining consulting, deployment and validation expertise and solutions.

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Marc St-Jacques
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Carillon Information Security inc.
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