July 27th, 2015 - Montreal, Canada

Carillon consolidates its leadership as digital credential validation specialists with the launch of Pathfinder-SCVP.

Montreal, QC -- 07/27/15 – Carillon Information Security Inc. is pleased to announce that it now provides validation services for companies and government agencies looking for robust and compliant X.509 certificate path discovery and validation solutions. This new service is launched to address the growing requirements of path validation for digital credentials that need to meet the highest corporate and government standards. This new solution complies with directives set forth by the US GSA and US Government Federal Bridge PKI.

Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP) has been available for many years and can centrally and efficiently manage very complex path discovery and validation of certificate policies and digital credentials. From a practical standpoint, the SCVP client can quickly query a central service and confirm the validity status of a certificate, in real or near real-time.

The centralized trust management capabilities of the fully RFC5055 compliant platform enable organizations to simply and conveniently choose who they wish to trust, and to manage that trust in a dynamic way across their entire organization. With more and more regulatory requirements moving to mandate PKI based digital credentials, the Pathfinder® SCVP is a form of Validation as a Service that allows organizations to easily demonstrate their compliance with these regulations. One of the unique features of the Carillon solution is that above and beyond the classic validation of certificates, it can also be configured to filter on Nationality, if necessary.

With this service, Carillon aims to allow companies to focus on using digital credentials they or their business partners already own, as opposed to trying to decipher the complexities of a specific policy and trying to determine the validity of the credential.

Carillon is one of the leading companies in the field, with years of experience implementing PKI at various levels of assurance, including multiple PIV-I implementations. As a trusted solution provider to many organizations, Carillon is well equipped to deal with the challenges of complex PKI environments that require Validation as a Service.

"The realm of digital credentials can be complicated. A path discovery and validation tool, like Pathfinder® SCVP, is designed to simplify the management of trust in both simple and complex PKI environments. If they can easily trust the credential they are receiving, they are more likely to accept them for more interactions." - Patrick Patterson, President and Chief PKI Architect.

Pathfinder® SCVP is just one of the many solutions that leverage the Carillon Pathfinder® Suite to provide an easier and safer control of digital identity management. For example, SCVP validation is at the core of Trust Validator. This Outlook plug-in leverages the SCVP service to validate signed email authenticity and protect the user against malware and spear phishing attacks. Ultimately, Pathfinder® SCVP allows organizations to securely manage digital identities across their entire network, without impacting their efficiency.

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From consulting services, to validation software and managed identity services, Carillon can provide the skill sets and tools to help companies take control of their corporate digital credentials.

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